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Play Blackjack Original – Table Game Review

Step on up to the most famous table to try your hand at Blackjack Original.

Created by Cayetano Gaming, Blackjack Original takes place on the familiar plush felt, where it’s you versus the dealer in a battle of wits and skill. At this table, winning with blackjack pays at 3:2 while insurance pays at 2:1. As for the dealer’s restrictions, they must stand on all hands valued at 17.

In Blackjack Original, you can play with up to three hands per game, potentially increasing your chances of landing a winning hand. You can also split your hand if its two cards are of identical value. This allows you to place another bet of equal value to your original bet to have another hand in play.

The game plays in its most recognised, classic form, with you being dealt hands in each place that you’ve staked a bet before you then decided if you wish to hit or stand. If the total of your initial deal has a value of nine, ten, or eleven, you have the option of selecting double. If you double up, you will double your bet but will receive only one more card on the hit.

In this RTP 99.31% game, you’ll also have the chance to place an insurance bet should the occasion arise. If the dealer’s upcard reveals an Ace, you can place an insurance bet on your hand, which pays out at two to one if the dealer’s face-down card (hole card) reveals blackjack or a natural 21. If you have a blackjack hand, however, you will not be offered insurance.

Take a seat at Blackjack Original to experience the classic casino game in all of its glory.

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