92.67% RTP
jackpot: £10,225.22

Primate King


Primate King Slot Game Details  

By utilising a five-reel, four-row structure, Red Tiger has created a jungle-themed slot that’s as immersive as it is easy to play. Once you hit Spin, you’re taken deep into the jungle to join wild apes that are the key to uncovering hidden treasures.  

Much like the film it’s based on – Kong: Skull Island – the aim of the game is to trek through the jungle in search of the mythical beast, but the twist is that you get to collect wilds and special coins that result in instant prizes.  

With 30 paylines and an above-average RTP, the potential for rewards isn’t shabby when you play Primate King. That makes it a perfect choice for players entering our slots tournaments to become Paddy Power's slots champion.  


Primate King Symbols  

The Primate King symbols closely follow the slot game’s jungle theme. Therefore, you will find the following when you challenge your skills at Paddy Power:  

  • Gold coins – Collect gold coins to charge up the progress bar and activate a hidden feature  
  • Primate wild – This central wild converts to a full one-by-four stacked super wild  
  • Sticky multiplier wilds – These stay on the reels for extended periods and boost any winnings by the size of the specified multiplier  


Features and How to Play Primate King Slot  

How do you use these symbols to your advantage? You can shoot up our tournament leaderboards by landing as many gold coins as possible. When you collect enough coins, the progress bar at the bottom of the screen will fill up until it’s full.  

Next comes the wild features that are unlocked after you obtain enough gold coins. You already know about the Primate and Sticky wild, but a third element is available in the form of a multiplier. Hit this and your potential earnings will increase dramatically.  

Once the full quota of Primate wilds has been activated, a sixth reel will appear for you to spin and try and land more wilds and symbols.  



With a maximum win of 10,000X your stake available, you may think things can’t get any better. Well, with our slots tournaments, we give you the chance to test your skills when you play against others. You’re given a set deadline to score as many points as possible, and if you are lucky enough, you’ll finish at the top of our leaderboard and walk away with some incredible top prizes! 

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