97.30% RTP

Premium Roulette

For an altogether more impressive roulette experience, you need to go premium. Here at Paddy Power, our Vegas Games lobby gives you the power to do just that. Thanks to software developed in tandem with Cayetano, Paddy Power Premium Roulette is your chance to take things to a new level.

Premium Roulette Game Info:

  • Payouts topping 35X your bet
  • Quick bet features and in-game stats
  • Play from as little as 0.10 credits
  • Software Provider: Cayetano

Premium Roulette Symbols

As with all types of roulette, Premium Roulette features numbers ranging from 0 to 36. The aim of the game is to wager between £0.10 and £10,000 on which number or category (i.e. red/black, high/low etc) the wheel will stop on.

Features and How to Play Premium Roulette

To create the slickest experience possible, Premium Roulette features a unique hold function. By holding down the mouse button above a stack, you’ll be able to undo a previous move, clear bets or double them. With so many chips on the board, it can often be tough to change any mistakes. This function eliminates that problem and speeds things up.

In tandem with the hold function, you can activate “fast play”. Available in the settings panel, this feature allows you to skip the formalities of the spin and go straight to the winning number. When you combine this with saved bets, you’ll be able to race through hundreds of wagers per hour.

Finally, to give you more in terms of value, Premium Roulette gives you a wealth of stats. From the recent set of winning numbers to the most active sections of the board, these statistics can help guide your bets.

Premium Roulette RTP

Premium Roulette has an RTP of 97.30%. Therefore, when you’re playing for payouts ranging from 1X to 35X your bet, the stats suggest you’ll have a fairly consistent long-term win rate.

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